Wednesday, 11 July 2012

CARTFactor 1.00 - rFactor Car Mod

Many racing fans today, particularly those in North America where the series was based, still lament the passing of the Champ Car World Series racing championship. Originally called CART, it changed its names and was then absorbed into INDYCAR as part of an acquisition.

Happily however on rFactor you can continue to simulate the series' glory days, with this mod. Providing all the cars as well as all their possible configurations (oval, road, short oval etc), it allows you to simulate some of the best open wheel racing possible in rFactor. Setup options are numerous, with the ability to select super soft tyres and whack your boost up to simulate the tactic teams traditionally used in real life, which was to turn up the engine power for a qualifying lap.

The performance difference is immediately obvious, and it allows you to get onto the throttle much more quickly on hot-laps. Braking zones have to be adjusted as you hammer it round classic tracks such as Portland International Raceway (pictured).

The car also feels slightly different in its handling compared to most other mods simulating open wheel racing. For example, when shifting up or down you have to be careful of the slight lurch that the car gives as you shift down in particular. Blipping the throttle is key, and its when you learn that this is what the drivers did in real life that you fully appreciate the spectacular nature of this mod.

Ideally, you should have tried other rFactor mods before trying this. It is not easy, and it becomes quickly overwhelming for a beginner if you are not used to having a wide variety of setup options as well as a large tyre choice. Learning to work with these options and tweaking them to your liking is key to getting along with the mod. Thus gaining experience in other mods first is crucial.

However, once you get down to the nitty gritty, it is obvious why this mod has been critically acclaimed as one of the best rFactor mods out there.

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